Project Nepal: One Home

So what exactly am I doing here? Well, currently I am working on the “One Home” project (when I’m not struggling with food poisoning, a bed bug alert, and national holidays because a new constitution got signed). The One Home project is a special occasion where All Hands does a little more than the “50 Homes Project”, more about what that is later. At One Home we’re actually building a house from start to end for the 74 year old Saan Nani Sharki, who has been living in the chicken coop after she lost her house in the earthquake. She can hardly walk and was buried under the rubble for 30 minutes before getting rescued. As she has no husband or children to take care of her she is all alone, hence we’re clearing her land and giving her a new home! 

The All Hands One Home team and Saan Nani in front of her new home to be:  
Cara, one of the volunteers setting the string we use to lay the bricks levelled in order to make a straight wall: 

  Saan Nani’s brother and his wife, who made us lunch:  
In their little kitchen, where we eat our Nepali lunch crossed-legged on the floor:

  The village Sangam Tole, where everyone whole-heartedly greets and thanks us, and curiously watch as the strange westerners come and do construction work for free, or feed the dogs biscuits and photograph the cute baby goats:

Unfortunately I won’t be able to finish this home before I leave, but it’s a great project to be part of, plus I get to improve my brick-laying skills! 

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