The sandy south of Vietnam

Back in Ho Chi Minh we met up with Sabine again. After killing some time by having a long lunch and ice cream, we took a bus to Mui Ne where we arrived just after 10pm. Which is apparently time when hostel receptions are already closed and though look deserted, according to the night porters “don’t have any vacancy”. Riiiiight… Luckily we found a nice room at the Friendly Guesthouse (they were indeed very friendly) where we stand for 2 nights before moving to the hostel we wanted to go to. The following days were spent at the beach, the hostel pool, shopping at surf shops and eating.   

There’s 2 things you do in Mui Ne. One is going to the sand dunes, and two is kite surfing. So that is what we did.
We booked a sunrise tour for the sand dunes. They would pick you up in a vintage army jeep at 4:30am and drive you to the white sand dunes first. Our driver was late, so we saw the sunrise from the car over the ocean, which was pretty too I guess… Once we got to the dunes we tried to avoid the crowds and pick our own dune to roll down and photograph:

After that we went to the red sand dunes. They were pretty much the same, but a little smaller and a different colour.

Next on the standard itinerary was “visiting” a fishing village. So we stopped and had a lookout over the many little fishing boats and weird little round pods they used as boats too. I don’t really understand how those should work. I imagine that if you would start rowing you’d just spin around.

The final stop was at the Fairy Stream. This was actually really cool, if we wouldn’t have been exhausted by now due to the early rise and ploughing through sand dunes. AND again, if you wouldn’t be there with a dozen other people around you. Crowds would be okay if it weren’t for all the people…

Anyways, here we walked through the shallow stream past some interesting limestone rock formations. Here are some pictures:

Other than that, we took some kite surfing lessons. Me as a total beginner and Sophia who had learned before just needed some refreshers. First I learned how to fly the kite on the beach, then went into the water with the kite, and in he end added the board into the equation. That’s where it went wrong, and I spiked my kite on a pole which a resort had planted there because they don’t like kite surfers… Luckily as a student you’re insured for hose kind of horrendous incidents. In the end I never even got up on my board because either the waves were too high and I couldn’t get through or the wind wasn’t strong enough and my kite fell in the water. Oh well! It was fun to try.

On my last day we rented a scooter and as there wasn’t much around, went to the only place we could: The Wine Castle. It was exactly what you’d think it’d be, a weirdly displaced fake castle with a massive hall with fancy tables, and we were the only ones there except for some people taking wedding photos. We tried a bunch of wines (all from California) and picked the one we liked best. Curiously enough they had ran out of that one, and they offered us a similar but more expensive alternative. No thanks! We shall take this other cheap one then thank you…

That evening we drank it at a local seafood restaurant where we had oysters, lobster and clams. It was a good last night πŸ™‚

And then it was time for me to leave… 5h bus to Ho Chi Minh, bus to the airport, and then a 21h trip including a 6.5h layover in Melbourne to my final destination: New Zealand!


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  1. It looks like an amazing place to be. You definitely need your bucket and spade for all that sand, though. πŸ™‚

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  2. I am so proud you are doing so well! The child in you (rolling down the dunes) hand in hand with the grown-up women you are, to make this lovely adventurous trips. Mama


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