Fall, in love

I’ve always loved autumn. Autumn made me fall in love with Berlin back in October 2010 just before moving there. I remember that fall particularly well. It was a gorgeous week; the sun was shining, the sky was crisp blue, the trees and streets were were covered in golden and auburn leafs and people were outside, sitting at a cafe, strolling through parks, making sure they were catching those last gorgeous sun rays before the dark winter would commence. More of those autumns came and passed as I lived there for several years, but there’s nothing like that first one, that first fall, when you fall in love with a place in autumn.

Queenstown is already a ridiculously beautiful place. The blue Wakatipu lake surrounded by the scenic mountains with their ever-changing hues. Even when it’s cloudy it looks amazing. But add some awesome autumn colours and any picture you take will look like a postcard. I had a day off, so me and my friend Emma drove over to Arrowtown, a little historic gold miners town just a 20 minute drive away, to sample some of that autumn galore…


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  1. So beautiful my dear! I love you can write so poetic, I love that you can enjoy so much, I love that you have so many friends. I’m proud of you how you are. Mamma.


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